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Dr. Ruiz is an incredible doctor. One of the most personal doctors I have ever had. He worked methodically with me testing out different treatments to find the best one for me. Have been seeing Dr. Ruiz for over a year and he has truly changed my life by finding the right treatment for me. He puts the health and happiness of his patents first and will go outside the box with brand new treatments on the market to find the best solution for you. Very efficient office, you do your paperwork online before your first visit to shorten wait times. Please be patient when you call as Dr. Ruiz and his wife, also Dr. Ruiz share an office and staff. If you leave a message they will return your call that business day and address your needs. Thank you very much Dr. Ruiz.

Tanner Reynolds Google Review

By far one of the most professional and caring physicians that I had the opportunity of not only working with but referring my family members to. Dr. Ruiz makes it his goal to be as efficient and prompt in his care of patients. His practice is clean, comfortable and filled with a welcoming staff. At times it can be extremely overwhelming as a patient to go to the doctor's office, but Dr. Ruiz promotes a comfortable environment to be treated and learn about preventable measures. I will continue to refer my loved ones to be cared for by Dr. Ruiz.

Jean Foureau Google Review

Dr. Ruiz took the time to listen to all my complaints and worked with me to find the best solutions that suit my problems. His amazing communication skills and the feeling of comfort he provided me, gave me a nice feeling of being heard and appreciated. I was desperate to find treatment for my sleep problems, until i met Dr. Ruiz. Being an expert in sleep apnea, he managed to tailor a perfect treatment plan that i can confidently say, COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE. I highly recommend Dr. Ruiz.

Dan Google Review

Dr. Ruiz is by far the best I’ve ever come across. Dr. Ruiz is very sharp and intelligent and explains things with such passion. He has the best “bedside manner” I’ve experienced in my life. I felt very welcomed and his staff went above and beyond my expectations. His facility is top notch, I loved the cleanliness on his lab. The sleep center was amazing I definitely would recommend to friends and family with out a second thought. If you have any sleeping issues Dr. Ruiz is the Doctor to go see. Simply one of the best in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Jay Ro Google Review

I have seen many doctors before, but I never met one with whom I felt comfortable, that is, until I found Dr. Ruiz. He is understanding, caring, professional, calm and collected, and knowledgeable. These are qualities that seem elusive at best in today's healthcare field, where most doctors seem to put up a fence between themselves and their patients, and treat them like numbers. This is not the case with Dr. Ruiz, so I am grateful for that.

Diego Aguilar Google Review

Dr. Ruiz is one of the best doctors in South Florida I would highly recommend. I have been his patient for 5 years and am extremely satisfied with his care, kindness and expertise. He is always on time, listens to my questions and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. Go see Dr. Ruiz. You will leave his office with a smile on your face.

Raul Montero Google Review

If you're looking for a doctor that will truly care and listen to your problems, look no further. I love seeing him in his clinic. His schedule is almost always on time, he gives me time to talk and my concerns and addresses them, and he is an excellent doctor as well. I've had too many doctors that speak to me in two minutes, cut off my explanation, and send me out the door before I've felt that I've had all my problems talked about. Dr. Ruiz has always been willing to give me the time I deserve when I need it. He is also a sleep specialist, and he helped treat my sleep apnea. He spent time to explain the disease, as well as the best type of machine for MY needs. I can tell he cares about his patients because everyone else in the waiting room seems eager to see him as well.

George Robinson Google Review

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