Remedies of Snoring

Remedies of Snoring

Snoring is noisy breathing that occurs when air flows past the relaxed tissues of your throat, causing vibration. It is a common condition that can affect anyone, but it turns into a chronic problem in some people. Snoring is most common in men and overweight people and worsens with age. It becomes a nuisance to your partner and becomes a severe health condition. Seek help from a practitioner if you notice you snore loudly or your partner sees you stop breathing at times. You can as well seek advice on how you can reduce snoring from reliable sources.

Causes of Snoring

Snoring is often associated with a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a condition that tends to make snoring severe. Several causes lead to the development of OSA. A blocked nasal airway condition such as a deviated septum reduces the airway, causing vibrations. This complication makes some people snore heavily during allergy season. Other states, such as sinus infections, also block the airway.

Poor muscle tone in your throat and mouth leads to a too relaxed throat and tongue, which interferes with the airway since they occupy most of the space, reducing the size, which eventually leads to vibration. The sleeping position is another factor. Sleeping on your side enables the gravity effect to act on your tongue, making it move towards the airway blocking some part of it. Snoring is again caused by genetic inheritance. The offspring may inherit OSA from the parent. A family history of snoring may more likely put you at risk of snoring.

Having extra throat tissue is also risky. Overweight people are more vulnerable to snoring due to excess tissues in their throats. In addition, large tonsils and adenoids in children may also result in snoring. Snoring is also caused by another factor known as alcohol consumption. It would be best to avoid taking in too much alcohol before bedtime; it relaxes throat muscles and reduces muscles’ resting tone, leading to snoring. In addition, lack of enough rest can also lead to snoring, and this is because sleep deprivation makes the muscles relax too much leading to the condition.

Symptoms of Snoring

OSA is not present in all snorers, but if the following symptoms accompany it, it may be an indicator, and you need to seek a doctor for examination. Experiencing chest pain at night is one of the symptoms of OSA. At first, it may seem ordinary, but it eventually turns into a trend. Unrest at night or frequent turning in bed at night and struggling are other symptoms of snoring. However, it is unclear whether this unrest is brought about by daytime sleepiness, but it is undoubtedly a problem.

Let it be known that gasping at night is also a significant sign. You may find yourself struggling to get air every night. This struggle is brought about by blockage of the airway that leads to snoring. Sometimes you may also experience excessive daytime sleepiness. This frequent dozing off during daytime may not seem normal, primarily if related to night unrest. In children, Poor Attention is observed. Most kids find it hard to concentrate mainly in class because they are dozing off most of the time.

Snoring Complications

Apart from being a nuisance, snoring may also bring several other complications. Frequent waking up is a result of this condition. This wake-up is caused by breathing reduction, which signals you to wake up, which may be with a gasping sound. This disruption may force you to contact an internal medicine specialist to try to solve the issue

Sometimes you may even find it hard to concentrate. Of course, if you don’t have enough rest, you will find it hard to focus. The frequent unrest at night affects your daytime activities. It again causes learning problems for children. This problem is witnessed in kids who are victims who take time to grasp a concept since they have poor concentration. Snoring creates a greater risk of high blood pressure, heart condition, and stroke. This condition is possible since snoring is associated with blocking the airway, which cuts the oxygen supply in the body.

Snoring Diagnosis

You may not be able to know that you snore, but your partner will notice and advise you to see a sleep specialist . The practitioner will ask both of you about your symptoms and seek more information regarding your medical history. He will then perform a physical exam to try and see the things that block your airway. He may perform a test such as imaging tests, which uses x-rays, MRI, and CTS scans by specialists at Fort Lauderdale to quickly identify the problem. He may again use a Monitor, which allows you to undergo a test under it in the lab to monitor your heart rate and breathing rate.


Some remedies, such as lifestyle changes, can help reduce the rate of snoring. Try to work out and lose weight. You should also quit smoking and stop taking alcohol before bed. Oral appliances may also help. This practice is usually done by wearing a small plastic device in your mouth, which helps keep the airway open. You can also seek surgery to remove the shrunken tissue in the throat to make the soft palate stiffer or use the continuous positive airway Pressure Machine (CPAP) from specialists to treat snoring or slow it down.

In conclusion, snoring can also be prevented by home remedies such as sleeping on your side and raising the head of your bed a few inches high. However, these remedies do not guarantee expected results, and therefore, you are required to visit a specialist to be sure.

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