Concierge Medicine: Why People are Turning to This Alternative Medical Practice

Learn About Concierge Internal Medicine

Concierge Medicine: Why People are Turning to This Alternative Medical Practice

Concierge Internal Medicine is a type of practice in which patients pay a retainer to receive additional services and access to their primary care physician.

These services can include extended office visits, home visits, same-day and weekend appointments, email access to their doctor, and more. Similarly, the additional fee also allows the doctor to reduce their patient load, and therefore, provide more personalized care.

Concierge Internal Medicine for People with Sleeping Disorders

Concierge Internal Medicine is especially beneficial to those with chronic conditions, such as sleep medicine and sleeping disorders. These patients can benefit from having more access and time with their doctor. For instance, a patient with sleep apnea could receive more personalized care and guidance, such as a detailed discussion about the risks and benefits of different treatments, and more time to answer questions and address concerns.

The extra attention can also help patients better understand the importance of getting adequate sleep and how it can impact their overall health. Further, Concierge Internal Medicine can also provide more specialized services that may not be available at a regular primary care practice.

While a doctor may provide extended services in sleep medicine, such as sleep studies, sleep apnea screenings, and other sleep-related diagnoses and treatments. Concierge Internal Medicine can provide patients with additional comprehensive care, specialized services, and more time to discuss their sleep and sleeping disorder concerns. This type of practice may be beneficial for those who are looking for more personalized care and attention from their primary care physician.

Concierge Physicians aren’t just for people with sleeping disorders, they’re used for all types of primary care needs!

The Pros of Having Concierge Internal Medicine

Having a physician by your side when dealing with sleeping disorders is something a lot of people are turning to and are very happy with. Here are some of the pros:

  • 24 Hour cell phone and email access to your physician
  • Unhurried appointments, able to take all the time you want
  • EKG’s and lab draws done in office
  • Each patient will be supplied with a current list of medical diagnoses and medications on each visit
  • Same day or next day appointments

How Much Does it Cost and Does Insurance Cover it?

People are turning to concierge internal medicine practitioners for their very personalized service.

Depending on your benefits, insurances cover the medicine that is prescribed, the cost of labs, radiology studies, specialty care and hospital care.

A concierge service with a 24/7 on call physician and all the pros listed above requires a retainers fee. The average cost of the retainer is from $1500 to $5000 a year.

Dr. Camilo Ruiz with Sleep & Internal Medicine Specialist charges $2,000 a year for his concierge service. This breaks down to only $167 a month!

Sleep & Internal Medicine Specialists Dr. Camilo Ruiz, DO, PA

Dr. Camilo Ruiz is leading the nation with their concierge enternal medicine program. Moreover, people are realizing hospitals and doctor’s offices are busier than ever. Having a physician on call and by your side 24/7 devoting greater time to their patient’s unique and individual needs, allows them to develop highly personalized relationships.

Concierge practices are limited to approximately 500 concierge patients. The average internal medicine physician has over 3,000 patients. This allows concierge physicians to offer you shorter wait times, longer visits, and same or next day appointments.

You can schedule a courtesy meeting with Dr. Camilo Ruiz to go over the benefits of their concierge medical practice. Dr. Camilo Ruiz looks forward to meeting with you and providing you with the quality care that everybody deserves!

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